Far East Movement Release Fifth Studio Album ”Identity”

Far East Movement release fight studio album ”Identity”. The 11-track LP sets out to bring the east and west together for a global movement.

As L.A. Asian Americans, there is always a feeling of pride in being American, but also a sense of disconnect from not being fully accepted as 100 percent full blooded American as well. What results from this is a sense of “homelessness” or lost identity, sometimes even frustration towards the culture and traditions that make you beautiful and uniquely YOU.

We’ve always been right in the middle of this cultural identity crisis and experienced extremely polarizing perspectives of Asian Americans in entertainment. These views have ranged from love and positivity towards diversity, to record label executives telling us to change our name because its “too Asian” and others simply dismissing us to “go back to Asia.” The funny thing is, we had never visited Asia until our musical success brought us there.

After releasing our second album, we struggled with making music for a while as we were feeling very uninspired, without any purpose or direction. Months in the studio felt like years, so we decided to take some time off from creating and instead, we traveled around the Far East motivated to learn about the cultures that subconsciously shaped our lives. We made life long friends, learned from different cultures, tried different foods, soaked in changing skylines, and discovered music and artists from all over Asia. This journey through the Far East opened our perspective and gave us a new sense of identity as people, entrepreneurs, and as artists.

We channeled this newfound inspiration into our album and that is why we are entitling it IDENTITY. Our goal is to bridge artists from East to West and represent the Identity we have always known our whole life but were unsure of how to embrace it. The theme and sound of this album is inspirational, uplifting, and positive, which was therapeutic to our own personal lives over the last few years and helped give us clarity and direction to build our next movement as friends, business partners, and as artists.”

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